Deception Tips Video 8 — Defensive Barriers

Hey guys! My name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching the Deception Tips videos that are all about teaching you how to read people so that you will know if someone is lying to you.

You’ll be better able to detect deception by going through all of these signs. By listening to the podcast, by taking a look at all the other information, you will really be able to know exactly what every body is saying.

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Today we’re going to cover a sign that is kind of related to some of the other signs that we’ve talked about. This is more of a defensive barrier. It’s something that people use to separate themselves from other people.

They kind of put up walls or blockades or barriers so that other people cannot see exactly what’s going on. It’s kind of like we build ourselves a little cubicle or something to ward off the prying eyes.

So, here it is. Deception tip number 8: Liars will often unconsciously place objects between themselves and the target as a defensive barrier.

Now, you notice that they sent objects. Now, it could be an object or objects. It could be one thing or it could be multiple things and, by things, it doesn’t have to be an object. It could be your hands. So, folding your arms is a form of a defensive barrier.

That’s why when you ask a bunch of people, “Hey! What does it mean when someone folds their arms?” The stereotypical response is going to be, “Oh. They’re being defensive.” or “They’re withholding and they’re shutting down.” Well, defensive is right in that word. It’s a defensive barrier. They’re blocking.

In addition, you see a lot of the time with like job interviews, or when people have meetings with the boss, or they’re called in the office, usually someone is sitting behind a desk. The other person is in front of the desk, not behind the desk. I mean like on the computer and drawer side of the desk. In front of the desk is on the straight side. The other side, the interviewee side.

That desk is a defensive barrier for both the boss and both the employee or whomever…

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