E6 — Covering Genitals — Deception Tips Podcast


Deception Tip 6: When a liar is questioned, vulnerability may be shown by unconsciously covering the genital area. Either with folded hands or an object.

Hello, and welcome to the Deception Tips Podcast, where you will learn amazing cues to detect deceit that will help you read people like never before. I’m your host, Spencer Coffman. Let’s get started.

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Welcome to episode 6 of the Deception Tips Podcast. Last time we talked about contractions and how liars often avoid using them when telling their lies.

They do this for a number of reasons. The main one is because they not only need to convince other people of their lie, but they are also are working to convince themselves.

The reason they need to convince themselves is that, even though their conscious mind may believe this lie and is trying to tell this lie, the unconscious is very truthful. And if the unconscious doesn’t believe the lie, then it is going to attempt to leak sign, after a sign, after a sign of deception because it will want the truth to get out.

The conscious and the unconscious are always fighting. We’ve talked about this before. The unconscious will NEVER allow the conscious to get away with a lie. It will do whatever it takes to leak a nonverbal, or verbal, sign of deception.

Using contractions is a natural part of everyday language and avoiding using contractions is a verbal sign of deception. You must pay attention to that and when people say things like “did not” to further emphasize the point, they are not only convincing themselves but convincing the target that their lie is true.

That is a major red flag because normally people don’t talk like that. Normally, people take the path of least resistance. They take the easiest route. They slur their words. They mush things together. They speak quickly. It is crazy that a liar will slow it down and break it apart.

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